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Yes, I know, LARPs have an amazingly bad name in gamer circles. Notwithstanding, I play not one but two games of it a month for Vampire: The Requiem. Anyone who hasn’t tried it in a few years, should. They made a new rule that no one under 18 is allowed in the fan club (The Camarilla) and that has cleaned up the worst of the Emo Drama problems. I’m not going to say it’s a perfect game but it’s better than it was.

However, I post this because on February 26th, the South East Regional Event will be held in Atlanta and I’m attending! I would love to meet other people from the blogosphere in that area. Please contact me at viri_cordova at yahoo dot com if you live nearby and we could maybe meet up!

I’ll be in Atlanta from Thursday evening (the 26th) until Sunday afternoon (March 1st). My evenings should be busy but my mornings and afternoons look pretty open right now since Requiem is the only venue I have any characters in at this time. Of course, if you actually PLAY the Requiem live action….. well, then I would love to chat even more!

Anyone interested in LARPing with the Camarilla can either contact me or visit this site for help finding a Chapter near you.

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5 Responses to “LARP-ing”

  1. Lurkinggherkin Says:

    Yes, I know, LARPs have an amazingly bad name in gamer circles.

    …because there’s nothing geeks like better than to mock people who they think are even bigger geeks than themselves, eh?

    Well, all I can say is – happy LARPing!

    (You can read about my own UK-based LARP and Living History experiences here, if you’re interested:


  2. Lurkinggherkin Says:

    Oh, and btw do let us know how you got on, won’t you?

  3. viricordova Says:

    Oh, I will 🙂 I’ll right about my experiences when I return especially as it’s the largest gathering of geeks I’ll have ever attended in my life! I’m such a huge geek, I don’t get to mock anyone either 😦

  4. davethegame Says:

    I never get the elitism of table-topers vs. LARPers either. I don’t much LARP anymore, but like people who diss other people because of system preference, it just seems silly to me.

  5. viricordova Says:

    Well, I gotta be honest, LARPing earned quite a bit of its bad rep. Other than the SCA, some real stupidity practiced by some people who should’ve known better did alot to make it look ridiculous.

    When I tell people that banning people under 18 from playing live-action Vampire was the best thing to happen to it, I’m not kidding, sadly.

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