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There is an awful lot out there in the world of gaming blogs and as a gamer and game master (mistress?) of some 25+ years experience, I often find myself wanting to have something to say of my own. I think it’s terrific that there’s so much going on in our blogosphere that I want to be involved. The problem comes when I think of venues to actually do so.

Project Valiant is a mouthpiece for a particular game setting and not really a place to have opinions or advice. Comments often don’t get replied to or else are of such limited utility that it’s frequently frustrating. Another blog seemed to be the way to go.

Bard of Valiant is that place. This won’t be updated as often as Project Valiant but will be more freeform in posting guidelines and have more to say that doesn’t apply strictly to my own game setting for D6 Fantasy.

Some preliminary ideas for this space beyond being a place to be more general in topic are to explore using Twitter as a supplementary tool, avoid blogging “fatigue” by being able to talk about something other than Valiant and having more freedom of voice, explore some of the useful looking new tools offered by WordPress such as polling, form relationships with others in the blogosphere – something more difficult to do on Valiant with it’s setting-only format.

So, with that, I welcome everyone and hope we have a great year in 2009!

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