Game Mastering and Leadership Skills: A Summary


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This series is about using leadership skills to improve your own skills as a Game Master.

Part 1: Introduction Why leadership skills matter to a GM.
Part 2: Leadership Types A different take on “What kind of GM are you?”
Part 3: Motivation Why do you bother running games?
Part 4: Leading Going where players want to follow.
Part 5: the Assisstant GM Cutting down your workload to reduce burnout.
Part 6: Communication Bringing the Party Together

Now you know how your style affects the kind of game you run, what motivates you to keep doing it, how to lead players forward instead of just beating them with a stick, why an Assistant GM can be a good idea and how communication is your best friend.

Feedback time: Did this series help? Did you take anything away from it to constructively improve your game? What section did you the most good? Did I miss anything glaringly obvious? Leave me some comments guys, and let me know how this worked for you – or not.

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