I’ve been gaming, in some form or another, my whole life starting with children’s board and card games but discovered RPGs 26 years ago when my grandmother gave me “Keep on the Borderlands” for Christmas. I was blessed by a family that indulged my hobby and began getting gaming books every holiday, first in 1st Ed., then 2nd. Even now, my mom sends me cash for Christmas and my birthday so I can buy gaming books )

My favorite games are usually science fiction but once in awhile I feel the draw of fantasy. My current games include running 2 D6 Fantasy games – one tabletop, one online using Fantasy Grounds and some LARPing for which I’m coordinator of my local Camarilla Chapter. My two primary LARP characters are V (Daeva, Circle of the Crone, Constable of the Court in Columbus, GA) and Kiera (Mekhet, Carthian Movement, resident in Auburn, AL). I welcome IC contacts.

I can be reached at viri underscore cordova at yahoo dot com

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