Game Masters and Leadership Skills: Part 1

Don't Step In The Leadership

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The GM is the leader in any given party, regardless of what player has stepped up to inform him of their actions. No one leads a party or a game like the Game Master will. His influence is by far the most pervasive on any gaming table. With that in mind, using leadership skills can help you develop better adventures more efficiently. Read the rest of this entry »


Real Villains & Goal Setting: Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed knowing what your villain wants to do and what he needs to do it. In this essay, I’ll talk about creating a plan and why to use plot devices.

The Plan

A table for each week

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The next step is to write down a plan of some sort. Most goal setting programs use a time frame of 5 to 10 years or more but we’re working with a game campaign so we’re going to compress things because more action in less time makes better game. So in order to succeed, Islan Xanti needs to be able to do this within a year.

Using a Plot Device

A plot device is an element Read the rest of this entry »

Increasing Spell Variety

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Many systems for fantasy gaming have a list of spells as long as I am tall, either in the main book for players or in optional expansions. Usually, on creation, a player will pick 3 to 5 of these for his character and they often include things such as magic missile, read magic and burning hands or their equivalents.

Not everyone was aware of this when I played 2nd edition AD&D, but there were actually other 1st level spells available for novice mages and specialists to select from besides Magic Missile and Sleep. — Excerpt from the Dwarf this morning.

A GM who wants to address this situation has a few choices. You can get amazingly imaginative and come up with encounters for which these spells are required in order to succeed but I’ve chosen a different path – consumable magic spells.

Consumable magic is Read the rest of this entry »