Interlude: Putting Elements Together I

veil-of-convenient-illusionsAs a Bard of Valiant, I try to write about actual processes I use as a Game Master that work in concrete ways to make my game better. Hopefully by passing these methods on, it helps make your game better, too. In this spirit, these series of posts will be about how I actually used something I posted about to improve my game so maybe you can use the process yourself.

As commented here, I really love the name “Veil of Convenient Illusions” as written about by Wyatt. I also recommended something Chgowiz found, the stock.xchng for finding cool images you can use in games. Well, I now know what the Veil will look like by randomly viewing images there.

I still have no idea what it does but by putting two things I’ve found on different blogs, I’ve come up a very cool and interesting magical item. Click on the picture for full impact.

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