Interlude: Short Takes 01/26/09

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These entries will be lists of links I’ve found useful recently from other blogs. For almost all of these,  I actually used it in some way to make my games better and will write here how I went about doing so. At the very end, I’ll include links back to those who linked to me, if any.

Currently the players are on the hunt for the Veil of Convenient Illusions, which was last seen somewhere in the Constitutional Democratic Monarchy of Estalasia. – Wyatt

If you haven’t yet read Wyatt’s attempt to plan a skill encounter, do it. While he’s writing for 4E, he also includes an amazing amount of background on his current campaign, an over-the-top satire of just about everything. I was really impressed by just how hysterical he’s gotten with it, and while I think I’d hate that kind of thing on a long-term basis, parts of it are amazingly hilarious.

Myself, I’m going to take the name “Veil of Convenient Illusions” and drop it into my own game. That name is just too provocative to pass up. What kind of veil? And just what is a “convenient” illusion? He can’t give us much detail on this yet, since his players can and do read his blog but the hints I do have are intriguing enough for me to want to create my own.

I’d like to share a handy tool that I’m currently using to organize an online D&D campaign. It’s called Google Calendar, it’s free to use, and as I’ll explain, it’s very useful for bringing players together. – Jonathon Drain

That snippet pretty much says it all and I’d love to use it as he outlines but.. well, my players are amazingly lazy in the main. What I have gotten them to do is post their schedules to a forum we use for coordination. So I used my own Google account to make a calendar for me where I added all their information. You can overlap events with no trouble there so I was able to see that our most open block of time is a Sunday afternoon. We’ve already had a few scheduling problems so hopefully this will help us out.

This small drum is about 6 inches in diameter, 6 inches deep, and is framed with the rib cage of some diminutive figure.  Leathery flesh has been drawn tight over the frame, providing a ghastly drumming surface.  – MadBrew

This man has an interesting imagination and his blog is one of those I always look forward to reading. Again, this is an item that just looks too cool for words to me and I’ll be porting it over into my own game. I’d post how but.. well, like Wyatt, my players can read, too 😛

What makes Epic Words stand out among the plethora of blog and wiki sites, is our wide variety of RPG management tools, and the way they have been organized specifically for gamers. – Rebecca Smith

If you haven’t seen this post about this site, do it! With wiki, blog, forums, data storage…… all in one place, and it’s free? I’m making an account and trying it out and I highly recommend at least a trial run by any and every GM with an internet connection.

There you go, the things I found interesting recently and why I loved reading about them! See you next time!

And to return the link love of 2 people who linked to me:
Thanks, guys!

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6 Responses to “Interlude: Short Takes 01/26/09”

  1. Questing GM Says:

    No problem. I’ll be looking forward to your next Game Masters and Leadership Skills. 😉

  2. Wyatt Says:

    Thanks for the link. Glad you enjoyed. 🙂

  3. Mad Brew Says:

    I knew I had an imagination, but my friends wouldn’t believe me! Really though, thanks for the link love and I hope the drum makes an impact on your game.

  4. TheLemming Says:

    And to return the link love of 2 people who linked to me.

    Keep sharing so many excellent and interesting topics. A great job you’re doing here. (And thanks for the re-link)

  5. viricordova Says:

    Glad you all like it 🙂 Now if people I didn’t link to would comment …. lol

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